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A.B. Daytrainer spraydeck

A.B. Daytrainer spraydeck

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In collaboration with Andi Brunner, Pradosportswear made this daytrainer spraydeck.
The goal was to have a light but strong bungee spraydeck.
Designed for daily paddling, morning sprints or evening laps, it’s up to you.

The deck itself is reinforced at the front with Kevlar edges.
The rest of the deck is in what we call “diamond neoprene” a nylon reinforced neoprene.
For extra comfort we chose the extra stretch neoprene in the tunnel.

All seems are glued then sewn and glued again.

The tunnel has an inclining O-ring seal made in 1 piece.

This way the boat stays extra dry and the tunnel stays high and tight around the body.


Hip sizes:
S: up to 35 inch or 89cm
M: up to 39 inch or 99 cm
L : up to 43 inch or 109 cm

Cockpit size:
Smaller Bigdeck, size 4 or 80-90cm cockpit length

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