The Idea.

The Idea.

Uganda 2016: 

Jakob Hanoulle is hanging in a hamack on The Hairy lemon island on the nile in Uganda. The monkeys run over the roof while he sips his sweet tea and relaxes after a great session on the nile special wave. The tropical weather and a day full of kayaking makes him want to relax.

He's 19 year old and left Belgium to enjoy kayaking.
The plan was to actually think about what he would do for the rest of his life.
He quickly realizes that he doesn't want to do much more than what he did that day. Kayaking, thinking about new tricks and thinking about how he would want to design his kayak equipment. 
It is at that day that Jakob realizes that he really has to do what he always dreamt of. Designing better equipment to enjoy kayaking in various ways. 
So it begins the story of Prado sportswear...

After that moment He bought himself a sketchbook in town. 
Every moment he had some time he started sketching. Many of those sketches won't every see the sunlight again. But some like the logo and the 4 season short were sketched back then. 

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